How to Keep them Pedals Turning when the Season Turns Cold

Florida Winter is here.  That means longer nights and cold temperatures that Florida riders are not very accustomed too.  BUT good news, Riders don't have to stop riding during these months.  Today I will share four tips that keeps me turning those pedals in the winter months.



1. Intelligent Layering:

The key to combating cold is having the right clothing in the right order of application.


  • Base layer: A long- or short-sleeved undershirt (e.g., polypropylene-polyester blend or merino wool).

  • Midlayer: A long- or short-sleeved cycling jersey, depending on the weight of your top layer.

  • Top layer: A shell or jacket that's made from material that provides wind and water protection.

  • With Knee Warmers there is no need for a long tight or a pant.  Simply wear them anytime the weather drops below 60 degrees and you will protect your vital joints and stay warm at the same time.

  • With Arm warmers you can do alot to add insulation to your kit, and versatility when the weather warms up. 

download (1).jpeg

If you need help getting your Layering right, visit us at the SHOP, we can help get you into the gear you need to keep them cranks turning.

2. Set the NIGHT ON FIRE


Sure it gets darker earlier and its so easy to just want to stay inside and do nothing.  BUT alas, once you get out the house and start riding, that feeling will go away.  Quickly you discover the joys of riding in the dark.  Whether its the views to the west of the sky set ablaze by the setting sun, or the sounds in the morning of the rising day, riding in the dark has its rewards.



  • Rechargeable lights is the way to go.  Your getting a much brighter and better performing product, for less money than you pay in the long run for inferior battery operated product.

  • The Brighter the better.  IF you know you have poor vision, get the brightest lights you can with the highest lumen rating you feel comfortable with.  The higher the lumen, the longer it last t on the low settings. 

  • Front and rear taillights can be used  DAY OR NIGHT.  Studies show, the more visible you are whether its day time or not, you will be 32% less likely to be involved in a collision.

  • Dynamo power.  If you really want to invest, we can set you up with a front hub that generates power to your light and you never have to worry about charging your light.  These systems require a little more upfront investment, but its worth it in the long run.  Ask us about our KLite or Sinewave Lighting & USB Charging Systems.

We have several light options, from CatEye, Light and Motion, Knog and Serfas. Come see us today!

images (1).jpeg


3. Gloves and Toe Covers

If your hands or toes are cold, you are cold.  Simple as that.  Cycling shoes are great for delivering the ultimate in power transfer to the pedals.  By design, they have several vents to keep your toes cool and keep moisture from accumulating.  Gloves are the same way.

  • Start with Thick Socks.  Wool is preferred, but some thing thick and warm will go along way to keeping the toes warm.

  • Toe or Shoe Covers will keep the wind out.

  • Full Finger Gloves specifically designed to keep out wind OR glove liners will help

With a little toe and finger warmth you will be encouraged to stay out there longer.

4.  Buff Or Neck Gaiter

 The final piece of the puzzle is the buff or neck gaiter.

  • Designed to keep the wind off your chest it provides an amazing amount of warmth and insulation. 

  • The added benefit is the ability to Cover your nose and ears.   

  • Another benefit is that you will look like a ninja and nobody messes with a ninja. 

Feel Free to come see us at the shop, we keep a good stock to help keep you rolling.    Don't let the cold weather ruin your ride.  Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.  So gear up, get right and let's ride!



Single Speed Bikes, Freedom, Fun & Fitness

A few months ago we picked up SE Bikes to satisfy the growing demand from select local riders that are huge fans of the brand.  And without doubt we have been pleasantly surprised by how many folks have picked up some Adult BMX bikes to take their kids to the local park or ride around the neighborhood together.  Here at the Shop we are big believers that the family that rides together, stays together.  BUT, we want everyone to join the fun.  Single speed bikes offer so much and come in so many variations and varieties that everyone has an opportunity to join the fun.  

Here are some reasons why youre next bike should be a single speed.



  • They are inexpensive. Sure, there are some sweet singlespeeds with high end price tags that offer some unique features that folks are searching for.  BUT, a single speed Fixie style bike starts at 200$ and Cruisers at $250.  If you're looking to add some variety to your bike stable, a single speed would make an outstanding choice.
  • Low Maintenance.   Aside from pumping up the tires, lubing the chain and occasionally tightening the chain, single speed bikes offer a quiet riding experience with the least a mount of maintenance needed above any other bike.  With no gears to adjust and a very straight chain line, you would be surprised the life you can get out of a single speed bike.
  • Get a Fresh perspective on your local trail or neighborhood.  You don't realize it, but when you are riding a geared bike, you are ultra focused on what gear combo you should be in.  Single speeding simplifies that and pushes you to just ride and enjoy.  NO need to think about gear combos.  You want to go fast, pedal faster, you see a hill, stand and pedal.  
  • Learn about Momentum.  Whether on a trail or on pavement, single speeding teaches you how to stay off the brakes and use the terrain to help you conquer the next trail feature or hill.  The skills you learn by single speeding transfer immediately to your other bikes.
  •  Single Speeding is relaxing.  Without the burden of gears and constant thinking about what combo you should be in.  You focus more on the ride and you become less absorbed with the machine.  
  •  They help you get stronger.  By forcing you to work harder on hills, or forcing you to learn the terrain to master momentum, single speed bikes teach you tons of skills that will help you become a better cyclist overall.  Once you master single speed riding, try fixed gear riding, thats a single speed bike that doesn't coast!

Come see us today, we have SEVERAL Selections from SE bikes.  We have BMX bikes in all sizes and ranges, traditional Beach cruisers, mountain bikes and Fixed Gear single speeds, to help get you out there experiencing something NEW.




The Benefits of having a Bicycle Computer on your Bike.

A Bicycle computer measures and displays information relevant to your Bicycling activity such as altitude, speed, distance traveled, and sometimes, cadence or heart rate.

You’re probably thinking that your smartphone can do all that, so why not use your smartphone instead? Here are 4 Benefits to using a dedicated Bicycle Computer vs your smartphone.

  1. Keeps your smartphone safe during your bike rides. Your smartphone is probably more expensive than a BIcycle computer. Plus, you would like the keep your smartphone safe and usable in case of emergencies.
  2. Won’t drain your smartphone’s battery. Use a Bicycle computer for cycling functions such as recording distance and determining speed, and save your phone’s battery for calling or, perhaps, sharing about your awesome bike ride on social media.
  3. Ride info is easier to read and access during bike rides. You’ll be able to easily view your speed or ride time on your Bicycle computer without having to unlock the device. Bicycle computers also have simple user interface to quickly access the different functions.
  4. Different functions made for Bicycling. Bicycle computers generally have the basic Bicycling functions much faster available, such as distance, ride time, and speed.  Depending on your Bicycling needs, you’ll also have the option to buy Bicycle computers with more advanced functions such as temperature, heart rate, cadence, altitude, gradient, calorie burn, and yes, the next beer stop.

Thinking of getting a Bicycle computer? We have both GPS and regular Cyclometers in Stock.  These days GPS have become so affordable (99$ vs. 45$ for a cyclometer) Its worth it to take advantage of the added features (smart notifications, social media interface) and the simplicity(no wheel sensor or magnets needed) for the price point.  Come see us today and let us help you enhance and maximize your cycling experience.

Ides of March BikePacking Overnight and Salsa Demo

Hello Fellow Adventurers,


Spring is in the Air and We are Happy to Have Ethan Frey and the Salsa Cycles Demo Van for a one of a kind opportunity. If you didnt know, Salsa Cycles is all about #adventurebybike,so they are bringing bags and Demo Bikes for you to take on an overnight ride. We will leave the shop at 630 pm and ride 30 miles to Bunk Camp in Seminole Forest . ON our way Out, We plan to stop Central 28 Beer Co. for a cold beverage. Once at Bunk Camp, We will Set up camp and enjoy the outdoors, Pizza and water will be brought to camp. We will have bags to lend for folks who are not geared up to carry their stuff OR the option to shuttle your camping supplies to the location. On our way back, YOLO Bar & Grilled Cheese DeLand will be hosting the after party. 

Fun, Bikes and Adventure, what more can you ask for. To Participate you must sign up. As well, the Demo Bikes are limited in sizes and quantities so check the sign up form for details.


1. WHO is this ride for?  

The ideal participant is someone who has been wanting to bikepack and has been searching for the perfect beginner level ride and also good for an experienced bikepacker who is dying to DEMO a Salsa Bike.

2. HOW FAR is this Trip?

Expect to do about 30+ miles day one and 25-30+ miles Day two.  Terrain will vary from pavement and renegade trails.  To Sand, single track and clay roads.  BRING YOUR ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT.


We are riding to Bunk Camp in Seminole Forest.  At BUNK Camp there is an enclosed Shelter that can accommodate 8 riders.  This minimalist shelter only has wooden bunks, so you will need at the minimum a bed roll or something similar.  YOU DON'T Have to carry any gear aside from what you would normally carry as the JCS BIKE SHOP van will be coming to camp later that evening to drop off supplies and your camping gear if needed.

4. WHEN do we START?

IF you plan on taking a DEMO bike for your overnight, then come to the shop around 4 pm on March 15th so you can pick up the bike you like and then if you plan on loading it up, we can lend you bags and get it outfitted.  SO this is a great chance to learn from more experienced bikepackers on how to load your bike.


The  DEMO and CAMPING ARE FREE.  BUT, drinks at Central 28 and the expenses you incur at the YOLO after party are all on you.  Makes sense?

Hope to see you out there, it's gonna be a blast,



Ladie's Night: Fit, Form & Function Clinic Coming March 8th!

Its Truly a pleasure for us to host Elizabeth with Liv Cycling for this clinic.  At JC's we are huge advocates of Women in cycling and jumped on this great opportunity to bring this valuable resource to the local area.

Let's Show Elizabeth a good time by making sure we take full advantage of her visit and having a huge showing. 

So Ladies, whether you are a recreational cyclist, a weekend warrior at your local trail, an avid road cyclist or a long distance veterano, take some time to join us at the Shop, for a clinic full of information specifically catered to you.

So Join us at This FREE Event, Please RSVP by calling the Shop or clicking on this Facebook event page and choosing "Going"

We are going to be serving Beverages and Snacks so it is Key to RSVP.

See y'all soon


Holiday Gift Buying Guide #1: Ten Gifts Under 20$ that The Cyclist in your life will LOVE and APPRECIATE

The holiday season is in Full Swing and WE understand the challenges of shopping for that Cyclist you Love.  In our First installment here, I am going to take a moment to highlight Ten things that make for a good gift that cost less than $20! 

1. JC's Bike Shop Custom Neoprene Lizard Skin Chainstay Protector

Cyclist Love to take care of their investments and Neoprene Chain Stay protectors from Lizard Skin protect the Bicycle Frame right from chips caused by the chain bouncing from Shifting or Road/Trail Vibrations. MSRP $9.99

2. Halt Dog Repellent

As much as we all Love Dogs, sometimes it can be dangerous for both the Cyclist and the Animal when they give in to their natural instinct to Chase.  Halt Dog Repellant stops the dogs in their tracks and encourages them to return home, insuring safety for everyone involved! MSRP $7.99

3. TACX Tire Levers

Tacx Tire levers come in sets of three and help riders unseat the tire when completing a road side flat repair or tire maintanence at home.  Key tool that every rider needs, and a thoughtful gift as well. MSRP $3.99

4. ParkTool Multi Tools

Every cyclist tinkers with their bike at their home repair shop or sometimes during a road side repair.  Park Tool offers various multi tools that have a combination of allen keys and screw drivers perfect for adjusting almost every bolt or screw on the bike.  MSRP $9.99


Lots of Recreational and Road Riders really enjoy being able to keep an eye on whats going on behind them while they are riding.  The Mirrycle Bicycle mirror is THE BEST in the GAME.  Using Real glass and fully adjustable, another perfect gift for someoneyou love. MSRP $17.99

6. Socks From Swiftwick and Sombrio

Socks, Riders cannot have enough of them.  We have a variety of options, brands like Sombrio and Swiftwick with compression abilities and merino wool to keep toes warm, we have something that we gurantee they will love! MSRP $10 - $16

7. Giant Flex Combo Coil 12

Bicycle security is important and we try to keep every price point in mind.  The Surelock Flex combo coil 12 offers nominal bike security at a low price point. MSRP $19.99


8. Chamois Butt'r

Whether a long ride or a short ride, its critical for cyclist to protect themselves from Chaffing.  Chamois Buttr provides soothing relief from existing saddle sores and helps to prevent them from forming when used properly.  A well thought out gift for any rider, MSRP $17.99

9. TACX Water Bottle Cages

Hydrate or Die is really a thing. AND every rider who has a bike needs a place to put their water bottles.  Made out of a mix of composite glass fibers and carbon, these TACX cages are light, and come in a variety of colors.  Pricepoint is excellent as well, MSRP $19.99

10. GU Hydration Kit

The GU bottle kit that we have in stock is a perfect little gift for any rider.  INCLUDED in the kit is a water bottle with a few extra drink mixes at no additonal charge.  What a bargain! MSRP $7.99

AND as always, keep in mind, if you are still out of ideas, NOTHING beats a Gift Card that you can load for any dollar amount of your choosing. 

Thanks and we Look forward to seeing you soon,



Jakes First Cyclocross Race

     So for the past three months, the only thing I ever speak about is cyclocross…. The cyclocross race season, cyclocross bikes, the awesome cyclocross family, the insanely hard cyclocross race courses, the heated battle in the points race, the misadventures of traveling with the fun loving crowd, yadda yadda get the idea.


     Fellow DeLand aficionado of rad things, Jake, has endured a non-stop rant droning in his ear this entire time as I continually harangue anyone and everyone about this rather obscure sport. Finally he had enough, last Friday he bolts up from his desk and says “Hey I'm going to take a long lunch” then he comes back with a brand new 2017 Giant TCX cyclocross vessel from JC’s Bikes! Suuhweeeettt! I’m so jelly. ... really, I am, this bike is just awesome. Just marvel at its awesomeness. Pause for dramatic effect here..

     THEN, not even 24 hours later he shows up in Dade City for the Wicked Awesome Racing cyclocross weekend extravaganza for his first race! It also just happens to be on the toughest course of the season, so naturally he’s gonna pick this one, ‘cuz he’s Jake and that’s what Jake’s do.

                       Here he is, doin’ what he does: lookin’ serious

                     Here he is, doin’ what he does: lookin’ serious

     Without further rambling introduction, here’s the exclusive interview with Jake the following day.

“This weekend I competed in my first cyclocross race  at the Wicked Awesome Racing event in Dade City, FL. and I absolutely loved it! I first heard of this unique sport through my co-worker Wayne roughly three months ago, through all of his hype, one phrase that was consistently repeated like a broken record was “it is extremely fun but really tough”. I clearly underestimated “tough” and took the challenge anyways. Come race weekend, I’ve got all of my gear ready and I pulled up to the park where the race is. I see the taped off course and I’m starting to get excited. I could only see grassy sections and some small bumps on the course. It wasn’t until I rode the unseen back section of the course did I realize this is no ordinary day at the park.”

     Here’s the huge climb in the back section. That’s Jake at the top, everyone all together say “wow, that looks like fun!”

     Jake goes on to say “Cyclocross is extremely tough. Taking a road bike with knobby tires through natural terrain is so unnaturally hard that it is fun and comical at the same time. I was exhausted after two laps (of 7) and just thinking “who could think up this stuff?” By the end of my first race, I had fallen a few times, had a flat tire and had an absolute blast. Everyone who attended were the nicest people and super cool. It is too fun and weird to explain which makes it a must-try sport.”


     What a great way to get introduced to this wonderful sport, just jump right in….. my usual description is this is one of the hardest bicycle sports out there, yet amazingly one of the most fun and safe. It's family oriented, spectator friendly and darn challenging. There are categories for everyone from the lil’ ones 7-8-9 yrs old on up to us old fogies in our golden years of shuffleboard and Fixodent. This is a sport everyone can enjoy and participate in. You can just ride the course for fun in any number of wacky costumes (as many people do, it’s a thing, really….and it’s just crazy fun) or you can be one of the racer types out front trying to shave seconds from their lap times. There is also a large contingent of amazing women racers who are guaranteed to be faster than you are and look better doing it than you guys do.

     There's not really any risk as the speeds rarely go over 14 miles an hour, usually in low grass circling a field or through some singletrack path. There's usually some type of sandpit to traverse and barricades to jump over.

     Treat yourself to a visit to the absurd and try to catch one of the last few few races left in the season, the next one is early December in nearby Ocala. Anyone in the shop can help you with any questions. All in all, it's rather silly from the outside and difficult to explain to people what exactly is going on ….maybe that's the magic of it ... we just don't know ourselves ...but I do know is it’s darn fun.

-resident chest puffer, lifelong bike dork and humblebragger extraordinaire-

Wayne Keller