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Holiday Gift Buying Guide #1: Ten Gifts Under 20$ that The Cyclist in your life will LOVE and APPRECIATE

The holiday season is in Full Swing and WE understand the challenges of shopping for that Cyclist you Love.  In our First installment here, I am going to take a moment to highlight Ten things that make for a good gift that cost less than $20! 

1. JC's Bike Shop Custom Neoprene Lizard Skin Chainstay Protector

Cyclist Love to take care of their investments and Neoprene Chain Stay protectors from Lizard Skin protect the Bicycle Frame right from chips caused by the chain bouncing from Shifting or Road/Trail Vibrations. MSRP $9.99

2. Halt Dog Repellent

As much as we all Love Dogs, sometimes it can be dangerous for both the Cyclist and the Animal when they give in to their natural instinct to Chase.  Halt Dog Repellant stops the dogs in their tracks and encourages them to return home, insuring safety for everyone involved! MSRP $7.99

3. TACX Tire Levers

Tacx Tire levers come in sets of three and help riders unseat the tire when completing a road side flat repair or tire maintanence at home.  Key tool that every rider needs, and a thoughtful gift as well. MSRP $3.99

4. ParkTool Multi Tools

Every cyclist tinkers with their bike at their home repair shop or sometimes during a road side repair.  Park Tool offers various multi tools that have a combination of allen keys and screw drivers perfect for adjusting almost every bolt or screw on the bike.  MSRP $9.99


Lots of Recreational and Road Riders really enjoy being able to keep an eye on whats going on behind them while they are riding.  The Mirrycle Bicycle mirror is THE BEST in the GAME.  Using Real glass and fully adjustable, another perfect gift for someoneyou love. MSRP $17.99

6. Socks From Swiftwick and Sombrio

Socks, Riders cannot have enough of them.  We have a variety of options, brands like Sombrio and Swiftwick with compression abilities and merino wool to keep toes warm, we have something that we gurantee they will love! MSRP $10 - $16

7. Giant Flex Combo Coil 12

Bicycle security is important and we try to keep every price point in mind.  The Surelock Flex combo coil 12 offers nominal bike security at a low price point. MSRP $19.99


8. Chamois Butt'r

Whether a long ride or a short ride, its critical for cyclist to protect themselves from Chaffing.  Chamois Buttr provides soothing relief from existing saddle sores and helps to prevent them from forming when used properly.  A well thought out gift for any rider, MSRP $17.99

9. TACX Water Bottle Cages

Hydrate or Die is really a thing. AND every rider who has a bike needs a place to put their water bottles.  Made out of a mix of composite glass fibers and carbon, these TACX cages are light, and come in a variety of colors.  Pricepoint is excellent as well, MSRP $19.99

10. GU Hydration Kit

The GU bottle kit that we have in stock is a perfect little gift for any rider.  INCLUDED in the kit is a water bottle with a few extra drink mixes at no additonal charge.  What a bargain! MSRP $7.99

AND as always, keep in mind, if you are still out of ideas, NOTHING beats a Gift Card that you can load for any dollar amount of your choosing. 

Thanks and we Look forward to seeing you soon,