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Ides of March BikePacking Overnight and Salsa Demo

Hello Fellow Adventurers,


Spring is in the Air and We are Happy to Have Ethan Frey and the Salsa Cycles Demo Van for a one of a kind opportunity. If you didnt know, Salsa Cycles is all about #adventurebybike,so they are bringing bags and Demo Bikes for you to take on an overnight ride. We will leave the shop at 630 pm and ride 30 miles to Bunk Camp in Seminole Forest . ON our way Out, We plan to stop Central 28 Beer Co. for a cold beverage. Once at Bunk Camp, We will Set up camp and enjoy the outdoors, Pizza and water will be brought to camp. We will have bags to lend for folks who are not geared up to carry their stuff OR the option to shuttle your camping supplies to the location. On our way back, YOLO Bar & Grilled Cheese DeLand will be hosting the after party. 

Fun, Bikes and Adventure, what more can you ask for. To Participate you must sign up. As well, the Demo Bikes are limited in sizes and quantities so check the sign up form for details. 



1. WHO is this ride for?  

The ideal participant is someone who has been wanting to bikepack and has been searching for the perfect beginner level ride and also good for an experienced bikepacker who is dying to DEMO a Salsa Bike.

2. HOW FAR is this Trip?

Expect to do about 30+ miles day one and 25-30+ miles Day two.  Terrain will vary from pavement and renegade trails.  To Sand, single track and clay roads.  BRING YOUR ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT.


We are riding to Bunk Camp in Seminole Forest.  At BUNK Camp there is an enclosed Shelter that can accommodate 8 riders.  This minimalist shelter only has wooden bunks, so you will need at the minimum a bed roll or something similar.  YOU DON'T Have to carry any gear aside from what you would normally carry as the JCS BIKE SHOP van will be coming to camp later that evening to drop off supplies and your camping gear if needed.

4. WHEN do we START?

IF you plan on taking a DEMO bike for your overnight, then come to the shop around 4 pm on March 15th so you can pick up the bike you like and then if you plan on loading it up, we can lend you bags and get it outfitted.  SO this is a great chance to learn from more experienced bikepackers on how to load your bike.


The  DEMO and CAMPING ARE FREE.  BUT, drinks at Central 28 and the expenses you incur at the YOLO after party are all on you.  Makes sense?

Hope to see you out there, it's gonna be a blast,



Karlos Rodriguez Bernart