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A few months ago we picked up SE Bikes to satisfy the growing demand from select local riders that are huge fans of the brand.  And without doubt we have been pleasantly surprised by how many folks have picked up some Adult BMX bikes to take their kids to the local park or ride around the neighborhood together.  Here at the Shop we are big believers that the family that rides together, stays together.  BUT, we want everyone to join the fun.  Single speed bikes offer so much and come in so many variations and varieties that everyone has an opportunity to join the fun.  

Here are some reasons why youre next bike should be a single speed.



  • They are inexpensive. Sure, there are some sweet singlespeeds with high end price tags that offer some unique features that folks are searching for.  BUT, a single speed Fixie style bike starts at 200$ and Cruisers at $250.  If you're looking to add some variety to your bike stable, a single speed would make an outstanding choice.
  • Low Maintenance.   Aside from pumping up the tires, lubing the chain and occasionally tightening the chain, single speed bikes offer a quiet riding experience with the least a mount of maintenance needed above any other bike.  With no gears to adjust and a very straight chain line, you would be surprised the life you can get out of a single speed bike.
  • Get a Fresh perspective on your local trail or neighborhood.  You don't realize it, but when you are riding a geared bike, you are ultra focused on what gear combo you should be in.  Single speeding simplifies that and pushes you to just ride and enjoy.  NO need to think about gear combos.  You want to go fast, pedal faster, you see a hill, stand and pedal.  
  • Learn about Momentum.  Whether on a trail or on pavement, single speeding teaches you how to stay off the brakes and use the terrain to help you conquer the next trail feature or hill.  The skills you learn by single speeding transfer immediately to your other bikes.
  •  Single Speeding is relaxing.  Without the burden of gears and constant thinking about what combo you should be in.  You focus more on the ride and you become less absorbed with the machine.  
  •  They help you get stronger.  By forcing you to work harder on hills, or forcing you to learn the terrain to master momentum, single speed bikes teach you tons of skills that will help you become a better cyclist overall.  Once you master single speed riding, try fixed gear riding, thats a single speed bike that doesn't coast!

Come see us today, we have SEVERAL Selections from SE bikes.  We have BMX bikes in all sizes and ranges, traditional Beach cruisers, mountain bikes and Fixed Gear single speeds, to help get you out there experiencing something NEW.




Karlos Rodriguez Bernart