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How to Keep them Pedals Turning when the Season Turns Cold

Florida Winter is here.  That means longer nights and cold temperatures that Florida riders are not very accustomed too.  BUT good news, Riders don't have to stop riding during these months.  Today I will share four tips that keeps me turning those pedals in the winter months.



1. Intelligent Layering:

The key to combating cold is having the right clothing in the right order of application.


  • Base layer: A long- or short-sleeved undershirt (e.g., polypropylene-polyester blend or merino wool).

  • Midlayer: A long- or short-sleeved cycling jersey, depending on the weight of your top layer.

  • Top layer: A shell or jacket that's made from material that provides wind and water protection.

  • With Knee Warmers there is no need for a long tight or a pant.  Simply wear them anytime the weather drops below 60 degrees and you will protect your vital joints and stay warm at the same time.

  • With Arm warmers you can do alot to add insulation to your kit, and versatility when the weather warms up. 

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If you need help getting your Layering right, visit us at the SHOP, we can help get you into the gear you need to keep them cranks turning.

2. Set the NIGHT ON FIRE


Sure it gets darker earlier and its so easy to just want to stay inside and do nothing.  BUT alas, once you get out the house and start riding, that feeling will go away.  Quickly you discover the joys of riding in the dark.  Whether its the views to the west of the sky set ablaze by the setting sun, or the sounds in the morning of the rising day, riding in the dark has its rewards.



  • Rechargeable lights is the way to go.  Your getting a much brighter and better performing product, for less money than you pay in the long run for inferior battery operated product.

  • The Brighter the better.  IF you know you have poor vision, get the brightest lights you can with the highest lumen rating you feel comfortable with.  The higher the lumen, the longer it last t on the low settings. 

  • Front and rear taillights can be used  DAY OR NIGHT.  Studies show, the more visible you are whether its day time or not, you will be 32% less likely to be involved in a collision.

  • Dynamo power.  If you really want to invest, we can set you up with a front hub that generates power to your light and you never have to worry about charging your light.  These systems require a little more upfront investment, but its worth it in the long run.  Ask us about our KLite or Sinewave Lighting & USB Charging Systems.

We have several light options, from CatEye, Light and Motion, Knog and Serfas. Come see us today!

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3. Gloves and Toe Covers

If your hands or toes are cold, you are cold.  Simple as that.  Cycling shoes are great for delivering the ultimate in power transfer to the pedals.  By design, they have several vents to keep your toes cool and keep moisture from accumulating.  Gloves are the same way.

  • Start with Thick Socks.  Wool is preferred, but some thing thick and warm will go along way to keeping the toes warm.

  • Toe or Shoe Covers will keep the wind out.

  • Full Finger Gloves specifically designed to keep out wind OR glove liners will help

With a little toe and finger warmth you will be encouraged to stay out there longer.

4.  Buff Or Neck Gaiter

 The final piece of the puzzle is the buff or neck gaiter.

  • Designed to keep the wind off your chest it provides an amazing amount of warmth and insulation. 

  • The added benefit is the ability to Cover your nose and ears.   

  • Another benefit is that you will look like a ninja and nobody messes with a ninja. 

Feel Free to come see us at the shop, we keep a good stock to help keep you rolling.    Don't let the cold weather ruin your ride.  Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.  So gear up, get right and let's ride!



Karlos Rodriguez Bernart